ULTRA ….aluminum & white: the stylish portable

Original and attractive, Ultra combines a strong personality in his hi-tech aesthetics and functionality.

Ultra is the portable airconditioner that decorates your home with style: in fact, thanks to its clean, linear design, the quality of the materials used and its elegance, Ultra goes well with any style, becoming a very useful addition as well as pleasing furniture.

Its body, special and unique, is realized in aluminum, protected by special varnish, transparent or shiny white … the same paint used for cars …….. But only in “limited edition “…! 


Satny white top, useful as a stand

   ULTRA has no grids, buttons and display, has a top made of a special material .. white satiny.  Very important detail is that there are not control panels, buttons, Leds, etc. ..The top can be used as a base for any functional or decorative object … a small TV, a coffeemaker, a vase of flowers, a photo frame and any decorative object …Ultra has a technological heart and is very quiet with retractable wheels that allow you to move it comfortably without removing anything to its pleasant design.



Ultra has to be used with the multifunctional remote control – there are no keys – you can select everything from the intelligent remote control with LCD display, “iFeel” comfort sensor, 24 hour timer, and temperature setting … When you insert the plug into the socket, a white micro LED lights on in the centre of the “outlet”, ie the opening from which the cool air goes out. Press the blue button on the remote control, the white LED light turns off and the blue LEDs turn on making a sort of bright line just where the cool and dehumidified air will come out in a few moments.

Argos uses for Ultra a rotary compressor type, with high efficiency and low electromagnetic emissions.

Like all Argo portable air conditioners, ULTRA doesn’t  require installation, cools and dehumidify in a few minutes, in addition, the condensation that forms during normal operation is vaporized through the hose for the elimination of the hot air and in part is reused to improve the efficiency of the unit. In this way, you avoid continuous start/stop due to the filling of the tank, very annoying at night.

 Cooling and dehumidifying with efficiency beyond class A, Ultra is useful all year!  

And throughout the year will therefore remain to mark your home with a touch of class.

Argoclima meets partners and customers


Crowded fringe event for Argoclima, full of new products and important confirmations

On 29 March Argoclima held the first Group International Meeting: more than 250 partners and clients filled the rooms of the Science and Technology Museum in Milan. Many new products presented and exhibited, in a suggestive and unusual setting

Milan, 13 April 2012 – More than 250 partners andcli ents from all over the world took part in the Argoclima Group International Meeting, the “fringe” event held by the Gallarate company in coordination with the 38th edition of the Expocomfort exhibition. Organised in the suggestive setting of the Science and Technology Museum in Milan, the event focussed not only on presenting new Argoclima Group products for consumers and professionals, but also providing updates on the company’s new strategic positioning on national and international markets and its recent opening to trade in the US.

After being welcomed to the most impressive galleries in the Museum and taking the opportunity to visit the legendary Toti submarine, partners and clients were able to get a close look and try out the most recent solutions, entirely developed and constructed in Italy, for providing integrated heating, cooling and domestic hot water production. The splendid “Sala delle Colonne” room was the backdrop for the new products in the iSeries, Xfetto Inverter and monoblock inverter heat pumps for the professional market, in addition to the latest products for retail clients such as the Dados and Ultra portable air conditioners, with small size but huge performance and a refined design.

The central point of the Argoclima Group International Meeting was the conference organised in the Auditorium, which alternated between presenting strategies and products. After the welcome from Paolo Nocivelli, President of Argoclima Group, Vice President Adriano Cairoli illustrated the company’s operations organisation, describing aspects of distribution,  sales organization both in Italy and abroad, quality services offered by Argoclima, of which the technical assistance network; Mr Cairoli also provided the Group’s excellent results achieved on its main markets and gave an anticipation of the terms of the recent agreement with “The Unico System”, thanks to which Argoclima will be able to integrate “The Unico System” patented flexible channel system into its air/air and air/water products, while their partner will be able to sell the entire range of inverter air/air and air/water heat pumps developed and produced in Italy and France on the US market.

Valter Banda, General Manager of the French Technibel company (part of Argoclima Group since more then 20 years), then outlined his company’s profile, emphasising not only its leading role in Europe in the field of hydronic systems, but also its high level of integration with the Group’s product range.

Marketing  and Research & Development Director, Rolando Galmarini, was responsible for giving a detailed presentation of the features of the new Argoclima and Technibel solutions based on renewable energy, for heating, cooling and producing domestic hot water from thermodynamic sources. These included the external and internal units in the iSERIES system, Technibel’s PHRIE monoblock  inverter heat pumps and the Dados mini portable air conditioner; Mr Galmarini also highlighted the features of great innovation of Emix, a “special” 100% thermodynamic internal unit in the iSERIES system which allows for domestic hot water to be produced all year round, with the system working both for cooling and heating up to 70°C.

The last speech was made by Mr Scott Intagliata, President of the American Unico System Incorporation, who underlined the strategic value and potential for development in the recent agreement drawn up with the Argoclima Group.

At the end of the Conference, all the guests participated in a perfect Italian-French style gala dinner, in line with the Argoclima Group’s identity, held in a Sala delle Colonne made even more suggestive by lights and decorations designed to echo the Group’s colours and logos.

Ultra, design and functionality


In anozided aluminum, nature, or painted in shiny white colour.

ULTRA has no grids, buttons and display, has a top made of a special material .. white satiny. Very important detail is that there are not control panels, buttons, Leds, etc. ..The top can be used as a base for any functional or decorative object … a small TV, a coffeemaker, a vase of flowers, a photo frame and any decorative object …

Ultra has to be used with the intelligent remote control; every function can be selected by the remote control with LCD display, Ifeel comfrot sensor, 24h timer, mode and temperature regulation…

Raffrescando e deumidificando con un’efficienza energetica che va oltre la classe A, Ultra è utile tutto l’anno!

E per tutto l’anno potrà quindi rimanere a caratterizzare la vostra casa con un tocco di classe