EXTREME: elegant, ecological & multimedial

Innovative and elegant design for a product that is good everywhere, all year round.

Two colour variants:

• Pure white: front and back effect “high gloss”, boundary effect “mat” (Extreme 9/11);

• Black Total: front and back effect “high gloss”, boundary effect “mat” (Extreme 9 / XL).

Great is the versatility of Extreme: all models work in cooling, dehumidification and ventilation: in cooling condensate is vaporized automatically, but in extreme conditions or dehumidification the water is collected in the internal tank.

In addition, the model XL heats as a true heat pump, capable of reaching the class A+++, according to new energy labelling regulation.

Extreme xl -LEDs for special atmosphere


Create a unique and relaxing atmosphere the bright profile with changing colour LED,  characterizing the XL model. You can choose your favourite colour, different every day, or you can choose to turn off the LED.


Enjoy freely your favourite music trough the multimedia system of Extreme XL!

You can listen to the music on your device, smartphone, mp3, mp4 or tablet, wireless via  Bluetoothor via  USB connection!

And what’s more,  you can charge your device!



 A special system of adjustment of the air flow allows to optimize the dehumidification: Extreme is therefore very useful also for the drying of linen.

Moreover, Extreme XL also dehumidifies up to low ambient temperatures (+5 ° C) and is equipped with a “EASY DRAINING” system, a drain pump removing the condensate simply by pressing a button.

EXTREME & DADOS at Eataly … the triumph of Italian design


Extreme e Dados at EATALY – Rome





EXTREME, the new Argo portable air conditioner, finds a special “showcase” in the very exclusive store of  Eataly in Rome, close to Dados.

There is no more apt location for the triumph of  the Italian design … where high-quality Italian food, culture and education in the field of food and not only, as well as restoration of the highest level are the master.

Scored for mission to the “made ​​in Italy”, Eataly has chosen an Italian partner as Argoclima both to condition its vast sales and tasting area which occupies 17,000 square feet on four floors, and to emphasize the design ” made in Italy” , which now has 2 items: Extreme and Dados.

DADOS, the new concept portable air conditioner is 1 year old!


dados XL: black, velvet – dados 9/13 PLUS: white, glossy


Dados takes 1 year, but is still full of surprises!

The first novelty is that DADOS 9 and 13 become PLUS and, as DADOS XL, can be a valuable aid for heating, especially in the intermediate seasons.









The second novelty is that the whole range of Dados is compliant with the efficiency requirements of the ERP (Energy Related Products) European Directive, for the eco-design, and that a new energy label accompanies now each product.

 According to the new energy labelling directive ,DADOS boasts energy class A + + or A + + +! 


DADOS9PLUS energy label

DADOS13PLUS energy label

DADOS13PLUS energy label

DADOSXL energy label

DADOSXL energy label

Dados, the design “cube” for your comfort all year long


A small cube, just over 50 cm high, with a simple and elegant shape, ideal to be used handy stand: this is Dados and not only this!

Two versions: white, high-gloss, with front and back in light grey (dados 9 and 13), mat black ‘velvety finish’ and front and back in dark grey (dados XL), luxury finishing, full features and touch screen remote control.

All Dados (9/13/XL) can cool, dehumidify and fan.
In addition, the XL (extra luxury) can also heat and dehumidify up to low temperature.

Dados is also characterized by a special system that facilitates the application of the tube for the explusion of the hot air.

Dados decorates any room with elegance and discretion …. comfort for you and a touch of class to your home …

Dados, a new concept of portable air conditioner

dados xl

New entry in 2012 Argo Consumer range of air conditioners, Dados is a new concept of mobile air conditioner, matching the latest technology with functionality and aesthetics.

Thanks to its small size and its minimal and funny design, Dados is a real piece of furniture perfectly blending in the contexts of modern furniture and standing out as a special object in the more traditional ambient, never tiring.


It’s a cube of about 50 cm of height, simple and elegant, ideal for use, why not, also a small table.

Classified in energy class A, all the models of the Dados (9/13/XL) work in cooling, dehumidifying and ventilation modes.

In addition, the XL (extra luxury) model can also heat and dehumidify up to low temperature (5°C). They are all very easy to use: to change from cooling to heating (dados xl), for example, just turn the air conditioner of 180° on itself, connect the hose, select the heating function on the remote control and start working. A special system makes particularly simple the application of the hose.

dados xl – mat black, “velvet effect” – dados 9/13, shiny white,”high-gloss” effect


Made with quality materials and innovative treatments, Dados is available in two versions: the first, white shiny, “high gloss” effect with front and rear light gray, provides models 9 (9000 BTU/h) and 13 (13000 BTU/h); the second one, with top and sides in mat black, “velvet” effect, and front and back dark gray, provide just model XL – eXtra Luxury – 13000 BTU/h, caracterized by luxury amenities, full features and touch screen remote control.

Air filter on both sides to ensure air quality and maximum efficiency

 Not only … the design of Dados range, ergonomic and intuitive, also makes very simple tasks such as extracting the filter to wash: remove the side panels and extract the filters!

Compared with 9 and 13 models, Dados XL can also work as a big capacity dehumidifier and up to low temperature (from 5° C) – dehumidifiers normally work from 16° C of room temperature.

Dados XL is also equipped with a drain pump for condensate elimination which enables to empty easily the internal tank when it is full. It’s enough the touch of a button … and no more the trouble of lifting the weight of the full tank … also recovering the demineralised water obtained by drying, very useful for the iron or to wet plants!