PV System Updates

The work was finished, the PV system was connected to the network at the end of last year. Everything is working perfectly, yesterday January 13th in a day of relative brightness we reached 400 kW of power production. An excellent result for the month of January!

The Sun is shining on Argo!

It’s time to make a change in Argo … a big change to be more and more “environment friendly”!
In line with the continuous technological development of its product range, designed and produced to be more and more ecological, Argo is renewing substantially even its buildings to make them “green”; on the whole factory area in Gallarate there is an installation in progress of last-generation and high efficiency rooftop photovoltaic panels.
The plant, which will be realized in very short time, will produce over 600 kW of energy.
A major contribution to ecology, for the preservation of our planet and the achievement of European targets for reducing CO2 emissions!