DEOLO, the “smart” dehumidifier



Deolo is SMART!   

Simple but functional.

Its control interface is easy and intuitive, but inside it has a high precision built-in humidistat.

 You can withdraw up to 13-17 or 21 liters of moisture from the air in a day (30°C, 80% RH).

 And thanks to a special system that optimizes the  airflow in the environment, Deolo is a valuable aid for drying laundry.

 And  it’s ECO because it uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a.

Deolo is also very quiet!

You can use it in total safety thanks to the electronic device that signals with LED ad hoc when the tank is full.

 It can also work to low indoor temperatures: from 5 to32°C, thanks to its automatic defrost system.



DEOLO BABY: the super-compact dehumidifier!

DEOLO baby

LABEL DEOLO babyIt is ideal for any space, even the smallest.

Very easy to use: just press the power button … Deolo baby adjusts its power.

The tank is located on the right side and is easy to extract; it ‘also equipped with quick connection for continuous condensate discharge.

On the right side there is also a filter for air purification, easily removable for cleaning.

Deolo baby can take up to 11 liters of moisture from the air in a day (30° C, 80% RH).

And it’s ECO because it uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a.

It’s also very quiet!

You can use it in total safety thanks to its warning electronic LED device in case of full tank.

It can operate up to low indoor temperature, from 5 to 32°C, thanks to its automatic defrost system, accompanied by a warning light.

It’s easy to transfer, thanks to its practical multidirectional wheels and equipped with integrated cord storage.


DEOLO, the family of compact, stylish and minimal design dehumidifiers!

DEOLO family

Dehumidification time: “evergreen” NARCISO by Argo

Narciso family – 12-16-20-24 lt/day

Having a healthy climate, at home, is very important. For this reason care must be taken not only to temperature but also to the quality of the air you breathe. And the indoor air quality can be affected by both biological and chemical pollutants, and humidity levels, excessive or insufficient.

The ideal condition is a constant temperature of about 21° C with the right degree of relative humidity, between 45-55% in winter and 45-65% in summer. The humid air in your home can be harmful to health, as well cheoltre that damage the structure of the apartment: with a moisture content above 65%, it’s easy to be formed mold and unpleasant odors in the home, as well as unsightly stains on furniture.

Narciso is a “classic” in the dehumidification range of Argo and, as always, is very useful to increase the space and comfort of a humid, preventing the formation of mold, helping to eliminate odors and preserve furniture and furniture components.

 It’s equipped with a rotary compressor, operating with R410A ecological gas, which guarantees efficiency and low noise.

Narciso is also a valuable aid for the drying of clothes.

Humidity regulation knob


Narciso is made ​​of ABS hi-gloss white pearl and is equipped with humidistat and three different color LEDs which display the status of operation. It’s easy to use thanks to a convenient handle for humidity control. It’s also convenient to transfer thanks to the handle and to the wheels..

Tank with window on the front

The tank for condensate collection on the front has a convenient transparent window that displays at all times the level of collected condensate.

In any case Narciso has a light to indicate the filling of the tank and stops the operation.

Narciso is also equipped with hydraulic connection for continuous discharge of condensate.

The air purifier filter on the back can be easily removed for cleaning. The air sucked from the ambient passes through the filters, which help to eliminate odors, dust and bacteria from it. It’ s important to clean these filter consistently and frequently.

The operating range of the appliance is from 5 to 35 ° C.