OVER: innovative & multi-task


Original and innovative, thanks to its unique design, reminiscent of a nice cylinder just 65 cm height, decorated all around with aesthetical flaps for air inlet, opening automatically when the unit is working.

In addition to its design, strictly “Made in Italy” and in family line with Dados and Extreme, you must note the harmonious finishing mix between the ” high gloss” effect of the body and the aesthetical flaps and the “mat” effect of the top and bottom edges .

Ultra compact, it’s nice just everywhere and is extremely versatile: it works like a room air conditioner, but also becomes your spot cooler , to be used without hose to cool the space around you.



¬†Without tube it can also work as an effective dehumidifier … the condensate can be easily recovered connecting the small hose to a reservoir, to be re-used for the iron.



Thanks to the special magnet system, the application of the air discharge tube is now a breeze.