ROCK: heating & air purifying


Hi-tech style for this powerful ceramic multifunctional device … its name is Rock.

3 in 1it heats or  cools the room with summer ventilation in an immediate and effective way; it also purifies the air by emitting negative ions.

Very stylish: the glossy black finish of the top goes well with the “mat” black of the body and  the satin silver of the handle, extremely functional.

The LED display is also a panel with soft-touch keys, to control all functions: do not miss the infrared remote control, superslim, with operating capacity of up to 6 meters.

You can set the desired room temperature (15-35°C): thanks to the built-in thermostat, Rock adjusts its operation according to the difference between the set temperature and room temperature.

2 are the heating modes:

ECO, give you comfort and warmth, but with attention to save energy;

 COMFORT, ideal when you need the maximum heat in a short time (max consumption 2000W).

The UV lamp with anti-bacterial fuction and the built-in ionizer are always active during operation.

To optimize the distribution of the warm air in the environment, Rock can swing automatically with an angle up to 90°!

And to avoid unnecessary energy consumption, you can decide to stop the operation of the heater at a certain time, thanks to the digital timer allowing you to program the switch off of the unit after (1-23 hours), by intervals of 1 hour. 

 The maximum safety is then guaranteed by the double electronic protection against the risk of overheating and the anti-tip device.