LOUNGE: stylish design, hi-tech appeal


Modern and refined style for this powerful and effective ceramic fan heater.

The unique design, “slim” oval, together with the finishing matching harmoniously the “mat” black of the casing with the “glossy” black of the LED display, embellished with chrome outline, make of LOUNGE a very sthylish and elegant product.

A great novelty is the ECO mode, able to give comfort and warmth with special attention to energy saving.

When you need the maximum heat in a short time, here is the COMFORT mode .

The consumption never exceeds 2000 watts.

You can control all unit features with the “slim” remote control, from a distance up to 6 meters, or through the soft-touch keys on the top.

The display is digital, with red LED symbols, showing the working status at any time.

To optimize the distribution of the hot air in the room, Lounge can swing automatically with an angle up to 90°!

And to avoid unnecessary energy consumption, you can decide first to stop at any time the operation of the heater, thanks to the digital timer allowing you to schedule switching off every 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours .

Maximum safety is granted by the double electronic protection against overheating and the special device against overturning.