X2 – Comfort and high efficiency


X2 is the new range of split air conditioners with DC inverter technology, developed according to the design requirements of the new European legislation in the field of eco-compatibility.

X2 DC inverter is highly efficient and provides immediate and continuous comfort with a very low energy consumption.

Moreover, some technological features are designed to reduce peak consumption to improve thge functioning at low temperatures. 

And noise is very low… 


 Here are the main features:

  • DC Inverter technology
  • Remote Control with LED display
  • Compact Design
  • Low Noise
  • Different ways of setting the air flow
  • 4 fan speeds
  • “Turbo” Function
  • “Memory” Function
  • “Sleep” mode
  • “Autoclean” of the indoor heat exchanger
  • Intelligent defrost to prevent the introduction of
  • cold air in the room during the heating mode
  • «Soft Start» : low consumption at startup, no impact on the use of other electrical appliances

STHYLE inverter – comfort all year & silence

Sthyle is the new range of split air conditioners with DC inverter technology, developed according to the design requirements of the new European legislation in the field of eco-compatibility.

The performance improve thanks to the increasingly sophisticated technology and consumption reduce more and more: this means achieving of higher and higher efficiency targets, in compliance with the new regulations on labelling, in force since 2013.

Result: perfect matching of comfort all year long and minimization of energy consumption.

Also the noise is extremely important: the sound levels achieved by Sthyle air conditioners through modulation technology and dedicated functions are such that they can be used even during sleeping, in the night.

Because of its simplicity, Sthyle integrates easily into any environment: the flat panel with sober design, pure white colour, is characterized by a discrete digital display, for a constant monitoring of the operation of the air conditioner.

Also the remote control is very simple, but in its linearity has all the functions of comfort.

No less important is the air quality: a special titanium dioxide treatment of indoor unit heat exchanger, through which pass the air before being re-introduced into the environment, allows to preserve the risk of proliferation of bacteria due to possible residues of condensation.

In addition, a special system called “auto-dry” ensures perfect drying of the battery, at the end of each use of the air conditioner.

STHYLE INVERTER : functions for your comfort, in safety

JUNO: the new split series by Argo

Technological solutions, low consumption and user-friendly, for the maximum comfort, all season long

JUNO family: you immediately notice the modern, attractive design and ease of use.
Juno is equipped with a series of highly innovative technical features: first, it has a special air diffusion system, which ensures a constant airflow ir in all directions, ensuring a pleasant feeling of well being in the environment. 

The “Autoclean” feature, by simply pressing the “BLOW” button on the remote control, allows the activation of Dry function of the internal heat exchanger, a very important operation in order to prevent the formation of bacteria and mold due to any residual condensate . Autoclean therefore ensures that air is introduced into the environment after being properly filtered by passing through the heat exchanger.

Another feature immediately visible and appreciable in Juno series is the LED digital display which accompanies the front panel of the indoor unit, showing each time the operating mode and temperature. The display, discreet and stylish, can be easily disabled at any time, for example to avoid, especially at night, the light disturbs.

It is also very easy to use the digital infrared remote control, through which you can remotely control all functions of the air conditioner: selection of the operating mode (cooling, heating, dehumidification, ventilation), setting of desired temperature, fan speed selection (low, medium, high, super-high), flap position or automatic swinging setting. Using the remote control it is also possible to set the timer for switching on or off the unit and activate the “sleep” mode, thereby optimizing energy consumption and set point during  night operation.

 But it is not all. Pressing the “TURBO” button, the air conditioner starts operating at maximum speed and power in order to reach as quickly as possible  the set point.

“Soft Start” is the function that assures low starting consumption, so as not to impact on the use of other appliances.

““Memory”allows the air conditioner to keep all the settings in case of power blackout .

In HEATING mode, Juno has a system of “Smart Defrost” of the outdoor unit, to prevent the formation of ice due to low external temperatures: controlled by microprocessor and highly sensitive electronic sensors, the system minimizes the risk of breaks in room heating and optimizes energy consumption.

Moreover, always in HEATING mode, the electronics make the indoor fan starting 3 minutes after the beginning of operation of the compressor  in order to prevent entry of cold air into the room and automatically regulates the fan speed to ensure maximum comfort.

JUNO is the ideal solution for those who want to enjoy the maximum comfort in any season, without sacrificing the elegance and simplicity of use.

ON/OFF technology is the simpler and allows the air conditioner to operate in two modes: on or off. In ON mode, the compressor operates at full capacity to reach the set temperature. Then stops to start again when the difference between ambient temperature and set temperature is around 2 degrees. DC INVERTER technology, more advanced, is named “modulating” because, thanks to a special electronic device, modulates the compressor capacity (even fan motor speed in the most sophisticated cases) in order to optimize consumption gradually as they approach the set point temperature: maximum comfort, constant in time and fuel consumption reduced to minimum!
Just one outdoor unit to cool or heat 2 rooms, large or small it does not matter … One only outdoor unit with several possible matchings: 9 +9 – 9 +12