2014/2015 Heating, Air & Wellness Catalogue

Argo reconfirms the range of ceramic fan heaters, also multi-functional, black line and “hi-tech”, with a new entry, Chillout, tower ceramic heater with elegant finish silver / transparent: new entry also in the range of traditional fan heaters, Jangle and Jangle colour. In addition to the elegant convector heaters with glass panel, black and white, Argo proposes a new convector with digital control. Another new entry is the carbon fiber heater, Ambient, with innovative design and metallic finish.On the whole new range Argo has implemented ECO and COMFORT features, to meet people requirements to reduce energy consumption and to ensure the maximum comfort.Argo also enlarge the range of essential oil diffusers, with Jasmine, Bloom ice and Bloom black. In the section of wellness, as well as electric under and over blankets, it remains Neccky Pad, lightweight and ergonomic heating pad, dedicated to the neck and shoulder area.


Argoclima supports ANIMA/Coaer on the F-GAS position

Argoclima supports the efforts of the European Commission, Parliament and Council to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases into the environment. The legislation requires a constant increase in the use of renewable energy and of efficiency in technologies using conventional sources. These ambitious objectives can not be achieved without a significant expansion of the heat pumps for air conditioning, heating and production of hot water.

On 19 June, the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) of the European Parliament will have to express on the proposed revision of the F-Gas Regulation, which aims contrast to emissions of greenhouse gases.

 The steps of the document that concern us are:

  1. Drastic reduction in the availability of current refrigerants (HFC)
  2. Prohibition to preload the factory equipment
  3. Next ban on the use (application) of these refrigerants.

In fact, the application of these proposals would lead to the disappearance of the heat pumps in all their forms, with only modest exceptions.


  1. agrees with and supports the views expressed about by ANIMA/Coaer, even through their European association of Eurovent;
  2. requests the information sector to listen to these associations and contribute to the process of information to a wider audience;più vasto;
  3. invite the Italian rapresentatives in the  Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) to listen to the proposals of associations wishing to make full and conscious support to their concerns.

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Get the new energy label for airconditioners!

etichetta portatile monoblocco pompa di calore

Energy label single-duct portable airconditioner

ONE LABEL ONLY FOR EUROPEApparently the new label resembles the previous one, but, in fact, it differs in at least two aspects: there is no longer the separation between the colour background of the label and the adhesive strip with the data and, instead of language texts, contains the pictograms, small graphic symbols able to communicate to the consumer the features and performances of the product in a more simple and effective way.
The symbols are the same in all 27 EU countries and don’t require translation into national languages.
The layout becomes unique throughout Europe.

However, the layout changes depending on the type of air conditioner – portable or split – and depending on the type of operation – cooling only portable, cooling&heating portable, cooling only split or cooling & heating split.
Therefore, there are different layouts, but each is unique for Europe.
Three new energy classes (A +, A++ and A +++) add to the existing scale (A-G), sliding up the original classification scheme (A+++ to D); immediately in 2013 for portables, step by step – 2015 -2017-2019 – for split systems.
Questo dato così controverso e spesso soggetto a dichiarazioni fantasiose e non comparabili finalmente trova un’espressione oggettiva nel dato di potenza sonora, misurato secondo la norma europea EN12102.
This data so controversial and often subject to imaginative claims and not comparable between one manufacturer and the other, finally finds an objective data in the sound power level, measured according to the European standard EN 12102.
This value serves, however, more than anything else to the consumer to compare products from different companies, but doesn’t express the real perception of noise by the human ear.
The only value that expresses the human perception of sound is the sound pressure data, which is expected to be measured in accordance with EN12102. 


A showcase on the world, for ARGO, at the Canton Fair

At  the 119 ^ Canton Fair, Argo could not miss!  

And here is the stand, all inspired by the Italian genius and the ecological sensitivity, a “must” to be able to succeed in a globalized but standardized world. On exposition are the latest models of products “Designed in Italy”!

Great enthusiasm for Dados, the design “cube”, which has been very successful, both in Italy and abroad.

Argo stand - Canton Fair 2012

A suggestive place for the 1° “Argoclima Group International Meeting”


We chose the very suggestive setting of the Science and Technology Museum in Milan to receive our best partners and customers from all over the world, at the 1 ° International meeting of our group ……

More than 250 partners and clients from all over the world took part in the Argoclima Group International Meeting,  the “fringe” event held in coordination with the 38th edition of the Expocomfort exhibition.

The event focussed not only on presenting new Argoclima Group products for consumers and professionals, but also providing updates on the company’s new strategic positioning on national and international markets and its recent opening to trade in the US.

After having accompanied our clients to the most impressive galleries in the Museum and inside the legendary Toti submarine, and given them the opportunity to get a close look and try out the most recent solutions, we have entertained them with a conference organized in the Auditorium – the central moment of the Argoclima Group International Meeting – which alternated between presenting strategies and products

Dados & Ultra


 Wide area, inside the “Sala delle Colonne” has been reserved to Dados, the last novelty by  Argoclima for consumer channel, the new concept of portable airconditioner, with small size but high performances and refined design, and to Ultra, the other little gem.

On the other side of the room have found their place the novelties for the professional channel: Xfetto inverter, ISERIES, monoblock inverter heat pumps, ect.

New products for Professional Channel

During the conference, the top management of our group has presented, among many other things, the new Argoclima and Technibel solutions – entirely developed and constructed in Italy and France – based on renewable energies, for providing integrated heating, cooling and domestic hot water production from thermodynamic sources.

Another great innovation is a “special” 100% thermodynamic internal unit in the iSERIES system, Emix, a speciali indoor units which allows for domestic hot water to be produced all year round, with the system working both for cooling and heating up to 70°C.

Significant emphasis has been given to the recent agreement drawn up with the American company that has patented “The Unico System”, thanks to which we will be able to integrate “The Unico System” flexible channel system into our air/air and air/water products, while our partner will be able to sell the entire range of inverter air/air and air/water heat pumps developed and produced in Italy on the US market.

Italian-French style gala dinner


At the end of the conference, we had the honour of sharing with all our guests a moment of conviviality with a gala dinner in perfect Italian-French style, in line with the Argoclima Group’s identity, held in a Sala delle Colonne made even more suggestive by lights and decorations designed to echo the Group’s colours.