OVER: air conditioner, spot cooler, dehumidifier


Over is “innovative” thanks to its original design, strictly made in Italy, in the choice of shape and of material finishing and matchings … 

Over is “versatile” ….. as it can do the room air conditioner or  the “spot cooler” (cooling the area around you) or the dehumidifier

Over is “easy” …..  very simple to use and  … tube connection is no more a problem …

Over is “eco”…as already compliant with Eco-design directive and new energy labelling…

OVER: innovative & multi-task


Original and innovative, thanks to its unique design, reminiscent of a nice cylinder just 65 cm height, decorated all around with aesthetical flaps for air inlet, opening automatically when the unit is working.

In addition to its design, strictly “Made in Italy” and in family line with Dados and Extreme, you must note the harmonious finishing mix between the ” high gloss” effect of the body and the aesthetical flaps and the “mat” effect of the top and bottom edges .

Ultra compact, it’s nice just everywhere and is extremely versatile: it works like a room air conditioner, but also becomes your spot cooler , to be used without hose to cool the space around you.



 Without tube it can also work as an effective dehumidifier … the condensate can be easily recovered connecting the small hose to a reservoir, to be re-used for the iron.



Thanks to the special magnet system, the application of the air discharge tube is now a breeze.


EXTREME … design, music & atmosphere


Extreme is “design”, in the choice of shapes and in material and finishing matchings … strictly made in Italy ….

Extreme is “easy” ….. as the exhaust tube connection is no more a problem … and with XL model you can drain the condensate produced during dehumidification mode automatically, symply pressing a key…

Extreme is “young” ……as it diffuses your music via Bluetooth through the audio speakers embedded on both sides and … you can charge your device..

Extreme is “lounge”…as you can create your own atmosphere, playing on colours, intensity and light effects…

Extreme is “eco”…as already compliant with Eco-design directive and new energy labelling…you can find eco key on remote control..

EXTREME: elegant, ecological & multimedial

Innovative and elegant design for a product that is good everywhere, all year round.

Two colour variants:

• Pure white: front and back effect “high gloss”, boundary effect “mat” (Extreme 9/11);

• Black Total: front and back effect “high gloss”, boundary effect “mat” (Extreme 9 / XL).

Great is the versatility of Extreme: all models work in cooling, dehumidification and ventilation: in cooling condensate is vaporized automatically, but in extreme conditions or dehumidification the water is collected in the internal tank.

In addition, the model XL heats as a true heat pump, capable of reaching the class A+++, according to new energy labelling regulation.

Extreme xl -LEDs for special atmosphere


Create a unique and relaxing atmosphere the bright profile with changing colour LED,  characterizing the XL model. You can choose your favourite colour, different every day, or you can choose to turn off the LED.


Enjoy freely your favourite music trough the multimedia system of Extreme XL!

You can listen to the music on your device, smartphone, mp3, mp4 or tablet, wireless via  Bluetoothor via  USB connection!

And what’s more,  you can charge your device!



 A special system of adjustment of the air flow allows to optimize the dehumidification: Extreme is therefore very useful also for the drying of linen.

Moreover, Extreme XL also dehumidifies up to low ambient temperatures (+5 ° C) and is equipped with a “EASY DRAINING” system, a drain pump removing the condensate simply by pressing a button.

EXTREME & DADOS at Eataly … the triumph of Italian design


Extreme e Dados at EATALY – Rome





EXTREME, the new Argo portable air conditioner, finds a special “showcase” in the very exclusive store of  Eataly in Rome, close to Dados.

There is no more apt location for the triumph of  the Italian design … where high-quality Italian food, culture and education in the field of food and not only, as well as restoration of the highest level are the master.

Scored for mission to the “made ​​in Italy”, Eataly has chosen an Italian partner as Argoclima both to condition its vast sales and tasting area which occupies 17,000 square feet on four floors, and to emphasize the design ” made in Italy” , which now has 2 items: Extreme and Dados.