OVER: air conditioner, spot cooler, dehumidifier


Over is “innovative” thanks to its original design, strictly made in Italy, in the choice of shape and of material finishing and matchings … 

Over is “versatile” ….. as it can do the room air conditioner or  the “spot cooler” (cooling the area around you) or the dehumidifier

Over is “easy” …..  very simple to use and  … tube connection is no more a problem …

Over is “eco”…as already compliant with Eco-design directive and new energy labelling…

2014/2015 Heating, Air & Wellness Catalogue

Argo reconfirms the range of ceramic fan heaters, also multi-functional, black line and “hi-tech”, with a new entry, Chillout, tower ceramic heater with elegant finish silver / transparent: new entry also in the range of traditional fan heaters, Jangle and Jangle colour. In addition to the elegant convector heaters with glass panel, black and white, Argo proposes a new convector with digital control. Another new entry is the carbon fiber heater, Ambient, with innovative design and metallic finish.On the whole new range Argo has implemented ECO and COMFORT features, to meet people requirements to reduce energy consumption and to ensure the maximum comfort.Argo also enlarge the range of essential oil diffusers, with Jasmine, Bloom ice and Bloom black. In the section of wellness, as well as electric under and over blankets, it remains Neccky Pad, lightweight and ergonomic heating pad, dedicated to the neck and shoulder area.


OVER: innovative & multi-task


Original and innovative, thanks to its unique design, reminiscent of a nice cylinder just 65 cm height, decorated all around with aesthetical flaps for air inlet, opening automatically when the unit is working.

In addition to its design, strictly “Made in Italy” and in family line with Dados and Extreme, you must note the harmonious finishing mix between the ” high gloss” effect of the body and the aesthetical flaps and the “mat” effect of the top and bottom edges .

Ultra compact, it’s nice just everywhere and is extremely versatile: it works like a room air conditioner, but also becomes your spot cooler , to be used without hose to cool the space around you.



 Without tube it can also work as an effective dehumidifier … the condensate can be easily recovered connecting the small hose to a reservoir, to be re-used for the iron.



Thanks to the special magnet system, the application of the air discharge tube is now a breeze.


LOUNGE: stylish design, hi-tech appeal


Modern and refined style for this powerful and effective ceramic fan heater.

The unique design, “slim” oval, together with the finishing matching harmoniously the “mat” black of the casing with the “glossy” black of the LED display, embellished with chrome outline, make of LOUNGE a very sthylish and elegant product.

A great novelty is the ECO mode, able to give comfort and warmth with special attention to energy saving.

When you need the maximum heat in a short time, here is the COMFORT mode .

The consumption never exceeds 2000 watts.

You can control all unit features with the “slim” remote control, from a distance up to 6 meters, or through the soft-touch keys on the top.

The display is digital, with red LED symbols, showing the working status at any time.

To optimize the distribution of the hot air in the room, Lounge can swing automatically with an angle up to 90°!

And to avoid unnecessary energy consumption, you can decide first to stop at any time the operation of the heater, thanks to the digital timer allowing you to schedule switching off every 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours .

Maximum safety is granted by the double electronic protection against overheating and the special device against overturning.


ROCK: heating & air purifying


Hi-tech style for this powerful ceramic multifunctional device … its name is Rock.

3 in 1it heats or  cools the room with summer ventilation in an immediate and effective way; it also purifies the air by emitting negative ions.

Very stylish: the glossy black finish of the top goes well with the “mat” black of the body and  the satin silver of the handle, extremely functional.

The LED display is also a panel with soft-touch keys, to control all functions: do not miss the infrared remote control, superslim, with operating capacity of up to 6 meters.

You can set the desired room temperature (15-35°C): thanks to the built-in thermostat, Rock adjusts its operation according to the difference between the set temperature and room temperature.

2 are the heating modes:

ECO, give you comfort and warmth, but with attention to save energy;

 COMFORT, ideal when you need the maximum heat in a short time (max consumption 2000W).

The UV lamp with anti-bacterial fuction and the built-in ionizer are always active during operation.

To optimize the distribution of the warm air in the environment, Rock can swing automatically with an angle up to 90°!

And to avoid unnecessary energy consumption, you can decide to stop the operation of the heater at a certain time, thanks to the digital timer allowing you to program the switch off of the unit after (1-23 hours), by intervals of 1 hour. 

 The maximum safety is then guaranteed by the double electronic protection against the risk of overheating and the anti-tip device.