OVER: air conditioner, spot cooler, dehumidifier

INNOVATIVE & VERSATILE Over is "innovative" thanks to its original design, strictly made in Italy, in the choice of shape and of material finishing [more]

2014/2015 Heating, Air & Wellness Catalogue

Argo reconfirms the range of ceramic fan heaters, also multi-functional, black line and "hi-tech", with a new entry, Chillout, tower ceramic heater with elegant [more]

OVER: innovative & multi-task

Original and innovative, thanks to its unique design, reminiscent of a nice cylinder just 65 cm height, decorated all around with aesthetical flaps for air [more]

LOUNGE: stylish design, hi-tech appeal

  Modern and refined style for this powerful and effective ceramic fan heater. The unique design, "slim" oval, together with the finishing matching [more]

ROCK: heating & air purifying

  Hi-tech style for this powerful ceramic multifunctional device ... its name is Rock. 3 in 1 = it heats or  cools the room with summer [more]

BEAT: compact, beautiful, ideal for the bathroom

Modern and attractive styling for this ceramic fan heater for bathroom, very easy to use, named Beat .... The simple but elegant finishing, "mat black", [more]